Requirement Gathering

Step 1

Requirement Gathering is the first phase where we conduct due diligence with a focused approach by Project Managers and Stake Holders. Requirements are determined, who & how the system/application/software will be used is assessed. These details are then analyzed for validity followed with implementation and viability possibilities.


Step 2

Research is the second phase that we follow for delivering an appropriate and satisfactory result at client’s end. Doing proper research is very important for understanding the project in detail. We conduct the research phase in a proper and desired manner for matching client’s project need.

User Experience

Step 3

User Experience is the phase in which we focus on the UI part that is one of the most important things in any project. Our experts are skilled enough to match user requirements and deliver the best outcome. This phase will help in understanding user’s mind and hence the result will come in the right ways.

Software Visual Design

Step 4

Visual Design is an essential phase that should be conducted under expert’s guidance. We make awesome designs for our prestigious clients and it is our first priority to provide them full satisfaction. Our Visual Design project is simple and systematic for getting perfect results.


Step 5

In this phase, the development of project takes place and starts in the right manner. We follow every coding step in proper way for getting the required output. It is an important phase which defines the whole coding structure and how and when it will get executed.

Software Development

Step 6

One of the lengthiest phases takes off, upon receiving the architecture of the entire system/project. The work here on is segregated in various modules/sites/units and the actual coding kick starts. This phase; though a kind of a back drop of all activities, is the most important as the real/actual coding is done here, yielding success in future.

Quality Assurance

Step 7

Testing is done on codes that are written with respect to the requirement specifications provided by the clients for quality assurance. Testing ensures the product actually meets the requirements that are gathered during the requirement phase. It comprises of Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing. All of them are really important for any project to succeed.

Deployment & Maintenance

Step 8

Deployment phase is where the project – in form of a kid is handed over; deployed at client’s site, ready to enhance their brand image. Once the client starts using our software/application; that is when real life issues/scenarios start erupting. Our engineers 24*7 ensure that these issues get resolved as and when they arise.

Promotions & Marketing

Step 9

Promotion is the last phase of project but the most important one and that should be performed in a systematic manner. We hold expertise in handling project promotions and gaining huge traffic for client’s business profit needs. This phase is important and we are experienced enough to handle promotion activities effectively.


We differentiate our software outsourcing model from other ‘software factories’ on the basis of the processes we follow and close interaction with the client. Zovian Technologies assures an in-depth understanding of customer’s requirements and challenges and suggests a creative approach by providing innovative solutions owing to our experience and expertise.

While other software companies have little coupling with clients because specifications are ‘thrown over the wall’, our onshore-offshore software development model is interactive and is based on a global team concept where few team members or client IT staff works with end customer to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes. Zovian Technologies offshore software development team is responsible for execution of project at low cost keeping up the quality standards.


Zovian Technologies separates our product rethinking model from other ‘programming industrial facilities’ based on the cycles we follow and close connection with the customer. Zovian Technologies guarantees a top to bottom comprehension of client’s prerequisites and challenges and recommends an imaginative methodology by giving inventive arrangements attributable to our experience and ability.

While other programming organizations have little coupling with customers since particulars are ‘tossed over the divider’, our inland seaward programming advancement model is intuitive and depends in a worldwide group idea where hardly any colleagues or customer IT staff works with the end clients to characterize prerequisites, survey models and oversee scope changes. Zovian Technologies seaward programming advancement group is liable for the execution of the undertaking for a minimal price keeping up the quality guidelines.


Selecting the global software outsourcing partner for custom software development is a critical decision as it impacts the overall business. At Zovian Technologies , we understand this criticality and expertise in solving complex business challenges using thought process and information technology. Since 2015 in software development experience, expertise in multiple technologies and domains, and standard processes, makes us the right outsourcing partner.

The best IT organizations from this innovatively progressed country are profoundly looked for around the world. At Zovian, we set up an overview of Custom Software Development Companies in India. Considered as the most Tech-Ready Nation, our product engineers add to the overall height of the country. Under recorded firms are among the expert who adds to worldwide IT progressions. This summary has been set up with phenomenal examinations on the Quality, Reliability, and Ability of the organizations, while one can investigate them with the assistance of customer audits and evaluations.