RISE with SAP: What is it all about?

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Development | 0 comments

These days, ‘RISE with SAP’ is gaining interest as a topic of discussion amongst SAP practitioners and customers. So, what is it? Is it a product or a service? Is it only meant for SAP customers, partners or third parties? It is quite natural to have these questions about this new term. While I explain this offering in an FAQ style, I trust you find it informative.

Given that the pandemic is accelerating technology and business models, SAP is rising to the challenge with rapid innovation to accomplish the digital transformation needs of its customers. Therefore, understanding the RISE with SAP offering helps you explore further and tap the opportunities available in this ecosystem.

What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a new go-to-market offering announced by SAP. It is an additional drive by SAP to cloud. RISE with SAP is a subscription service offering that combines a set of products and services. The main component of Rise with SAP is S/4 HANA Cloud edition, which allows customers’ cloud infrastructures to run in a SAP data centre or with a hyperscaler of choice.

What are its components?

The bundle offers five main components for customers to build an Intelligent Enterprise.

S/4 HANA Cloud Editions
Tools and Services for Technical Migration
SAP Business Technology Platform
Business Process Intelligence
SAP Business Network Starter Pack

How does RISE with SAP help customers?

RISE with SAP helps customers get S/4 HANA ready, and eventually provides the path towards being Intelligent Enterprises. There are three steps in business-transformation-as-a-service:

Business Process Redesign – RISE with SAP offers the tooling to do it.

Technical Migration – From a technical perspective, RISE with SAP helps customers in moving from where they are today to where they want to go tomorrow.

Building an Intelligent Enterprise – Eventually, given that customers will have to move to an Intelligent Enterprise, RISE with SAP will help them get there.

Who is it for?

RISE with SAP is for customers who desire to move to SAP modular Cloud ERP (Subscription-based licensing), and want to optimize their business processes outside the company. Additionally, it is meant for those who want to add RPA or intelligence to processes. It is also applicable to those who want to integrate and exchange data between hybrid cloud environments.

Do all customers have to use RISE with SAP when adopting S/4 HANA?

RISE with SAP is meant for those who have bought S/4 HANA licence and are figuring out how to start their journey, for customers who are ready to go directly into public cloud, and those who still have ECC and have made plans to buy an S/4 HANA license.

Is RISE with SAP a game-changer?

It is a gamechanger for multiple reasons.

1. Commercial

Commercially, it is a game-changer as customers get many services like cloud editions, business technology platforms and business networks in one subscription service. Additionally, for all customers with SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions get access to CALM (SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle management) in the public cloud with no cost to maintenance and operations. It can also help save maintenance costs for customers who are still using ECC.

2. Business Value

Customers gain access to many innovations that come with SAP S/4 HANA and SAP BTP.

3. Business Network

Allows customers to connect with their suppliers and trading partners.

4. Simplicity

A single offer on one contract simplifies procurement and makes it easier to manage vendors.

How does RISE with SAP contract work?

RISE with SAP offers a ‘One Offer. One Contract’ (one subscription price) to take the customer to their goal of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. A RISE with SAP contract includes software, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and a few Cloud Managed Services (CMS).

Where to begin?

A single contact at SAP will help guide the customers throughout their RISE with SAP journey, paired with the SAP partner ecosystem.