Privacy Policy:

Zovian Technologies or its website hereinafter called "Zovian" respects the privacy of individuals or the firms at the highest order. Therefore, the purpose of the Zovian Privacy Policy announcement here is to create general awareness among the people visiting the Zovian site and to drive any misunderstanding away on the same.

Non-personal Data Collection: In line with its corporate philosophy, Zovian doesn't ask for personal details while browsing its pages. Hence, one may choose to browse the pages of Zovian without divulging personal data whatsoever. However, the Zovian server may by default collect some data about the visitor such as the visitor's location, the area of interest etc. with a view to improving the visitor's browsing experience in a meaningful way in the near future. Zovian, for instance, studies the visitor's browsing history on its site for its internal business intelligence such as page views, average time spent on its site by the visitor, conversion rate, browser type, visitor's computer operating system and IP address alongside the demography with the sole purpose of providing better services to the visitor such as site maintenance and troubleshooting, ease of browsing and so on.

Personal Data Collection: The Zovian server does not collect the visitor's email address and any other personal data that are sensitive to the privacy of one's online identity. Only in exceptional cases, Zovian may try to retrieve the visitor's email address and others in sync with the laws of the land or as may be required by the law enforcing agencies. However, Zovian shall not remain liable to intimate the visitor in advance about such data retrieval.

The Zovian site may have links to other sites such as those of its associates and partners. And, Zovian does not undertake any liability for the privacy practices of its associates and partners. At the same time, the privacy policy of Zovian is subject to change in sync with the changes in the marketplace or as may be required by the law from time to time. In all such cases, Zovian shall not be liable to intimate individuals/firms/associates about the changes.

When the visitor registers or comments on the Zovian site, this may require the visitor to furnish certain personal information such as the origin/residing country, company name and telephone number/s along with the visitor's email address and contact number for a couple of reasons such as User ID creation and identifying the visitor while giving access to a particular type of content or the contents in general published on the Zovian site.

Additional Information: Visiting some sections of the Zovian site may ask for additional information over and above those mentioned earlier. For instance, the Zovian site might ask for the visitor's highest qualification, area of expertise, language, and work history. Unless the visitor fulfils those requirements, entry to those sections such as the career section of Zovian and others will be rejected. Therefore, browsing the Zovian site, the visitor agrees to its privacy settings.

Intellectual Property Right: Contents, diagrams, or the photographs displayed on the Zovian site are its exclusive properties. Reproduction of them in any form without a written consent in advance from the Zovian would amount to an infringement to its intellectual properties thereby will attract a hefty penalty in the appropriate courts of law.

Use of Cookies: The Zovian server uses cookies that, in essence, are some text files meant for facilitating the visitor's access to the Zovian site. As such, they may leave some information on the visitor's PC/laptop/handheld device for identifying the visitor's device, visitor's identity alongside the visitor's online activity with a view to enhancing the visitor's browsing experience and troubleshooting, if any.

Cookie Types: Based on the functional aspects of the cookies, there are broadly three types of cookies that one may find on the Zovian site, namely Third Party Cookie, Session Cookie, and Persistent Cookie.

Third Party Cookie: As the name suggests, Third Party Cookies are those used by the Zovian associates or business partners. Those cookies are meant for making the advertisement/s relevant to the visitor.

Session Cookie: Session Cookies expire with the termination of the visitor's browsing session. Therefore, Session Cookies are meant for enhancing the visitor's experience on the Zovian site such as the browsing experience, connectivity issues, and the navigation.

Persistent Cookie: Persistent Cookies are stored on the PC/device even after the termination of a browsing session. However, Persistent Cookies are used for understanding a couple of things about the visitor such as language and the online behaviour.

Data Transfer or Disclosure: Unless it is required by the law of the land or the law enforcing agencies, Zovian never transfers or discloses any personal information of the visitor to a third party. Having said that, it is obvious that the visitor's data shared online with the Zovian are never sold to marketing agencies such as the banks, credit card issuing companies, and others. However, Zovian may share the visitor's data with its associates and business partners solely for the purpose of data storage or to provide the requested service at the visitor's niche market.

Data Security: The visitor's personal data are reasonably secured with Zovian through and with the security layers such as the physical and administrative security.

Access/Correction of Personal Information: Access to the visitor's personal information submitted with the Zovian site and any change therein are subject to the laws of the land. This restraint on the visitor's accessibility to the personal information is in line with the online security concerns and the prevailing laws of the land.

Contact Information:

The visitor can reach any of the Zovian offices for further clarifications on the Zovian's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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