Paid Search - Smart Insights to Build Quality keywords & Increase ROI

You may have a great website and products at your online store may be exceptional. But, you may still be unable to carve a mark for yourself in the virtual world.

The fact is that you are not promoting your products well to the visitors or maybe they aren't aware of you. There we come with the state-of-the-art PPC (pay-per-click) for your business that led to a complete accountability and success in paid search advertising.

Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is like the five fingers of your hand, we differentiate in our PPC model that helps your business to stand out in the crowd.

Key Areas of Ticking With Our PPC:

Understand your business: We understand your business and before we start suggesting you the most effective PPC, we want to ensure that we aim to live by your brand and brand promise as well.

We, as the best PPC services company in Bangalore spend a substantial amount of time to understand your line of business and how your business makes a real difference to the life of your customers and prospects.

A thorough knowledge and understanding help us conceive ideas and campaigns that stand out.

Choice of keyword:The right choice of the keyword or keywords is extremely significant in our business. We search and brainstorm to find out the most suitable keyword or a set of keywords that we can use before going further on the creative ideation and others.

Our PPC campaign for the products and services goes many miles in your favor.

Increasing Traffic: Search engine algorithms link up with the keywords to make the PPC work. In other words, the PPC that we develop for you show-up in the search engine results worldwide and thus maximizes reach. When a person clicks on the ad campaign, he/she is lured to your site.

Our PPC increases traffic to your site.

Accountability:We, Digital marketing company in Bangalore, India take accountability for the PPC campaign of your business. You will be happy to know that we have a talent pool consisting people who have years of hands-on experience and expertise of carrying out successful PPC campaigns worldwide.

The success of your PPC campaign with us is guaranteed & is well-known to our clients.

Transparency:We, therefore, keep you informed at every step of the PPC development, deployment, and its rate of success. We have developed in-house software to monitor it accurately.

Transparency is something we never compromise.

Innovation: We put our innovative thoughts and ideas to the campaign at every stage of its life. Our creative team at Zovian aim to keep campaign messages fresh and avoid boredom.

Hire our PPC services for your business for rebounding success. Call us today.

Designing PPC Landing Page

Eye-catching landing page is essential to any PPC Campaign. Engaging clicks on your ads is first thing to get started.

We ensure that the landing page meets customer expectations and help to transform clicks into conversions.

We at Zovian aim to ensure that Landing Page meets customer expectations and works constantly to convert clicks into conversions.

The competence to deliver relevance to searchers has an impact on Google’s Quality Score that influences AdRank and bidding costs, ad positions, and eligibility for certain ad extensions.

Definitely Google doesn’t tell you exactly how AdRank and Quality Score work, but the standard of delivering a quality ad should optimize landing page performance while satisfying Google’s objectives simultaneously.

The Aim of Landing Pages

Typical objectives include:

  • Convert clicks into sales or register users by making an immediate sale or generating leads for future sales like details for a quote, test drive and so on.
  • Gather customer data to create an email list for effective marketing.

1. Which Type of Landing Page Should You Use?

There are two types of landing pages –

  • Bespoke landing Pages
  • Integrated Landing Pages

Bespoke Landing Pages:

  • Bespoke Landing Pages created specifically for the campaign.
  • This type of landing page is more firmly focused on the conversion.

Integrated Landing Pages:

  • Integrated landing pages are more efficient because the pages are created as part of the website’s design.
  • These pages are more effective from an SEO point of view as they are a permanent part of the website.

2. We create Landing Pages Relevant to the PPC Ad

When people clicks on PPC ads, they have strong intent to purchase as compared to general browsers as landing page is good enough to meet their expectation.

Users quickly decide whether to stay or leave a page, and relevance to the PPC ad will reduce bounce rates and send the right signals to Google.

3. We Use Graphics and Imagery Wisely

We make use of creative graphics design and images to create a big impact on conversions.

We aim to create more effective Landing page by combining the factors like usability, accessibility and persuasion.

4. We create Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook Landing Pages are created to prompt user to complete a desired action.

We at Zovian :

  • Consider User Intent on Your Facebook Landing Pages
  • Ensure Visual Stability Between Your Ads & Landing Pages
  • Implement Best Practices to Your Facebook Landing Pages
  • Enhance Your Facebook Landing Pages for Mobile

Facebook ads

Using Facebook Ads, we target users based on their age, gender, location and interests. When setting up ad, you can select people who can see your ad. This is a great feature as it let you target your ads to the potential customers.You can track overall performance that helps to measure ROI.

By gaining people’s attention, increasing awareness and engaging with your audience, you can easily approach new leads and potential customers who become loyal to your brand.