Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the right investment for businesses that are looking for an effective marketing method for customer acquisition. It includes email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising.

In today's environment, effective quality management is maintained for ongoing continuous improvement. When engaging with customers we take the utmost care with focus on monitoring, auditing, analysis and reporting resources to maintain operational standards.

Quality parameters that a business needs to focus on to drive operational efficiency, business effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Quality Monitoring

We drive consistency in our services for continual improvement with quality monitoring. Our quality monitoring procedures cover all areas of call center quality assurance at every stage of the process.

Our standardized specifications help us perform specific tasks independently that contributes to the company as a whole. Effective quality management can help you generate better results with well-designed and structured process flow.

Our quality monitoring procedures aim at improvements at every stage of the process. Quality Parameters that a business needs to focus on include:

  • Soft skills
  • Programme-specific skills
  • Product-knowledge process
  • Programme compliance
While monitoring these above quality parameters, we ensure that our customers are able to boost their revenues.


Infrastructure is the base upon which our overall process stands strong. We have competent infrastructure in terms of Internet connectivity, power backup, talent availability, quality of employee, costs, state receptivity along with law & order.

Our BPO infrastructure adheres to international standards including security, employee health, a well-developed training facility, defense against fire and excellent power backup.


  • Advanced computerization with fully automated call desks.
  • Uninterrupted and backup power supply.
  • Redundant voice & data communications with security.
  • Dedicated high speed internet connectivity.

Data Security

  • Well-managed and sound data security at entrances.
  • Layered access to physical sites and data.
  • Commercial grade firewall.
  • Network Intrusion Detection System for data security.
  • Pioneering Router Module for data routing and security.

Transparency & Feedback

We always try our level best to get to a point where customers can feel completely happy in the way their data is treated. Our customer-centric approach focuses on following best quality services:

  • We provide access to our database and analysis reports.
  • We make sure that customers collect, verify and analyze personal information properly.
  • We comply with the law and standards to fulfill every customer's wishes.
  • We develop highly granular preference controls to give customers as much control over their data as possible.

We keep our customers in the loop as it is necessary to show that we care for them. We analyze the level of satisfaction after making feedback calls to customers. In addition to these services, we also make follow-up calls, voice broadcast, and appointment settings.