Services that beat your expectations

Zovian is focused on providing a platform for publishers, digital publishing, and self publishers for sales in the mass market through modern content technology, content transformation in publishing solutions. We work towards providing quality product to our retail customers. We strive for superior product formation for optimum sale and thrive on quality rather than quantity.

Our bunch of technically savvy specialists gives you the wonderful world of graphics mixed with the rich universe of words on an electronic medium throughout the below services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM- Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Infographics& Guestrographics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Case Studies
  • Voice –Over
  • Lyrics & Music Videos
  • Story Board Content

Digital Marketing Zovian connects you with your audience using online channels in the right place and at the right time. We at Zovian, helps in promoting your brand via one or more forms of digital media that involve the use of channels and marketing campaigns. We are best digital marketing company which understand data and digital landscape to deliver meaningful and fully accountable digital services.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization We know that SEO is a significant aspect of digital marketing strategies. We employ an integrated approach to driveaudience to your business. Our dedicated team of SEO services company consistently implement latest SEO techniques to let your website rank primarily in the initial pages of SERP, providing reasonably incredible ROI. We offer affordable SEO service to maintain a top position in the search-engine result pages, which eventually leads to increase traffic for your websites.

SMM- Social Media Marketing Zovian is exclusively focused on social media marketing for our clients. Our creative team of SEO professionals helps businesses build a strong relationship on different sites across the social media stage. We help to build strong social media presence, helping to build brand loyalty.

Video Marketing Our video marketing services offer an in-depth vision into your brand to build trust and recognition. Video plays a vital role in brand building and marketing. Our team of professionals creates an enticing video that has a long-lasting impression. We are among the top SEO marketing companies in Bangalore which let your brand shine through in every video and showcase your vision, expertise, and services to a wider audience.

Infographics & Guestrographics An infographic is a graphical representation which combines information with visual elements in an appealing manner. We create ideal infographics incorporating an SEO approach to increase online visibility. Guestographics creation is the process of creating an infographic initially and publishing them on the clients’ website. We create pictorial representation with descriptive content to drives huge engagement.

Content Marketing The requirements of the audience and ways to influence them are essential to know while creating content for your website. So, content needs to be convincing and informative as well. We offer a strong content strategy that targets on the planning, crafting, and delivery of highly enhanced content. We let you stand out above your competitors in search and consistently use enriched words and data that help in your brand advocacy.

Email Marketing Email Marketing is a powerful marketing tool to grow your business and build client relationship. We design email marketing campaigns to target audience on behalf of our clients. Our team of experts help design, launch, track, report and promote your campaigns as per the clients’ requirements.

Case Studies Case studies are an immense way to showcase your products or services. Beyond client testimonials, case studies showcase real-life instances of how businesses were able to make your customers content with expertise services. We help you create case studies as a powerful tool in empowering business by highlighting clientele’s success stories.

Voice Over We help your brand develop a voice over in any style and language based on customers’ requirements. We’ll help brands develop voice over from a script with amazing background music delivered on time. The best-in-class amenities help you produce the highest quality voice. The voice over content offers numerous ways to navigate content and text.

Lyrics and Music Videos We are among the top digital marketing company in India to offer expertise services to create lyrics and music videos. We help customers present their music in a way that is engaging and unique. We utilize a free library of customization options such as artist titles, video length adjustments, and multiple resolutions output to create the best quality videos. We combine the energy of music and power of visual images to make a great impact.

Storyboard content Storyboard content represents all the content in visual form on every page of your website. We help you represent all the content and how it links together in different levels as well. We’ll help you take the first step in designing the visual narrative and display a step by step layout of your marketing strategies.