Zovian Technologies is committed to bringing mobile app expertise to the table. We help you drive business and develop best user-friendly mobile apps according to your customers. As the top e-commerce website development company, we develop apps for the e-commerce sites that hold the potential of turning around profitability and growth in the near future.

We have state-of-the-art app development teams that work 24x7 and 365 days a year befitting your unique business need.

Key areas of our app development services

Target orientationUnderstanding of the actual purpose of the app is extremely crucial for developing the app. Therefore we adopt a very systematic and pragmatic approach while developing apps for your business.

We solve client’s queries anytime to take your business to the next level via a mobile app.

Customer insights It is the customer that keeps the cashbox of your business ringing. Hence, we understand and generalize the customers who are the backbone of your success in business.

We decide upon the specific features of the app meant to opt for your business.

Average screen size While developing apps for your business, we do take care of the average screen size of the smartphones used by your customers and prospects alike.

We create aesthetic user interfaces to give it a robust mobile look.

UI design We use the best UI (User Interface) tools to make your website completely user-friendly.

Our team develops user-friendly apps that let users connect with the app at ease.

Ergonomic designs We maintain our standards by developing simplified features for personalized user experience. With this, we provide add-on options such as zooming, backward and forward swiping, and refresh to name a few for user convenience.

We prioritize core features relevant in a mobile environment.

We are regularly involved in setting higher standards for mobile applications using three key features, i.e. Ease of Accessibility, contextual use and personalization offered by mobile platforms. With hands-on experience in deploying impeccable solutions to clients from wide-ranging business verticals and our remarkable track record of on-time delivery, we ensure a high-quality mobile application befitting to your requirements.

Zovian Technologies is leading mobile app Development Company. We at Zovian have experienced professional team that is adept at creating applications for Androids, Windows, and iOS. We update ourselves with the latest technology and use advanced tools such as Java, OpenGL, SQLite, Eclipse, JavaScript and HTML5 to develop apps.

With our understanding and proficiency, we aim to accomplish all the needs of our clients and come up with exceptional quality mobile applications which include all the latest features.

There are a number of mobile apps and new ones are getting added day by day.

Native App

Native Application development came into light ever since ever since a mobile app store was started.

Native applications are written in exclusive programming language particularly for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

Native App offers:

  • Better performance
  • Better UX/UI
  • Powerful community support & documentation

Native apps built with the specific development tools and languages for each respective platform, our developers are well experienced in either iOS & Android developments.

Developers take complete benefit of all the distinctive device features, like the camera, compass, accelerometer, GPS and even the iPhone 6’s fingerprint sensor.

Hybrid App

Basically, Hybrid app development can be defined as an approach to mobile device programming that combines the strengths of native programming and HTML5 mobile app development.

At Zovian, our expert mobile app developers use hybrid mobile apps to support different mobile operating systems and device form factors. It always eases administrative tasks as it can be easily downloaded and run on mobile devices.

You can easily utilize hybrid development to reach the most potential customers. According to the clientele’s requirement, the developers change platforms and let you build your application for more than one platform.

With cost-effective Hybrid web development, developers can easily take advantage of every web programming skills to build a web app with Android, XML, HTML, CSS, JSON, SQLite and Java.

Custom app developmentWe offer custom software development services tailored to meet your business needs.

We develop applications that address your unique business requirements.

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